FuelIgniteThrive - THE SCOOP ON POOP


Don't flush your health.   We all know that one person who, no matter where they are or what the occasion, somehow manages to get in ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - WANNA BURN FAT? Let's Talk Turkey

WANNA BURN FAT? Let's Talk Turkey

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving this weekend, and over the past week I found myself preparing and organizing for Sunday dinner with family and friends. ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - Alternative Medicine or Back to the Basics?

Alternative Medicine or Back to the Basics?

Spice up your life and see huge health benefits. What is being labelled as alternative with regards to health care today actually started out as ou ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - What's In Your Water?

What's In Your Water?

Know your H2O. Would you be upset if you found out that bottle of spring water you just paid $3.00 for was from the tap? I certainly would. Sometim ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - BACK TO SCHOOL


Lunches for learning  It’s that time again, back to school. Kids are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation while parents are p ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - FUNGI IS NO FUN GUY!


Treat from the inside out. At the risk of sharing TMI (too much information) I'm going to share a little of what happened with my hubby earlier ...
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