Oh, the first pound of Christmas was easy to ignore…..

(and) It all started with a box of Lindor.


The second pound of Christmas just appeared overnight…..

Fast food while Christmas shopping …


The third pound of Christmas came sneaking up on me…

Eggnog and cookies…


The fourth pound of Christmas came with the butter tarts….

I should never start!


The fifth pound of Christmas appeared while I dressed….

Yikes! My pants are tight!!


Shortbread cookies baking, how fattening can they be?

Butter added six pounds…..


Staff parties are in full swing so plan for food and cheer….

Seven pounds each year….


The neighbours came a-calling and brought with them some cheer….

Can eight pounds come from beer?


The thermometer is dropping, but the scale says nine pounds up…

OK, make mine “light whip”…


Now it’s time to trim the tree and decorate the house…..

10 pounds makes this a workout….


The season’s not complete without fruit cake and mincemeat….

11 pounds to my seat!


After turkey and the fixin's you’ll be more stuffed than the bird….

I’ve gained 12 pounds this Christmas, how absurd!


Although it's fun to joke around, the reality is that for many people the holidays are dreaded as nothing more than a time when they gain weight and then struggle for the first six months of the New Year trying to get it off. If this has been your past Christmas M.O., I challenge you to draw your line in the sand, commit to healthier choices and make January 1 your last weight-loss resolution ever. Get started by joining 8 Weeks is All it Takes” on Facebook and listening in live to “For the Health of It”  every Saturday morning, 8:00am PST on archived in Okanagan Valley Radio's Podcast Vault for information you can use immediately and begin getting results. Give yourself the gift of health this year. I invite you to check out the program here  and to book your complimentary health assessment online or email me direct at [email protected]

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