Make 2019 your best year for health!

The time between Christmas and New Year's Eve is usually the time where people start to think back and reflect upon everything that happened over the past year and look ahead at what's to come. For some it may be excitement and yearning for a new start in one or more areas of life, for others 2019 may just be a continuation of 2018 – just the way you like it. Still others look ahead with apprehension and sometimes even dread as they, once again, resolve to make significant changes in their lives to improve and take back control of their health.

January is arguably the month people set aside and tag as the time to “start” - jogging, joining a gym, eating healthy, or at least eating healthier, limiting alcohol, saving more, and of course losing weight. Resolutions are made, new workout gear is at the top of the Boxing Day shopping list, and the last of the Christmas cookies are tossed to avoid temptation. January 1 you are motivated and pumped to get started and begin taking steps to achieve your weight loss and health goals. You feel invincible, as if nothing could stop or discourage you, and you want everyone to join in with you! Sound familiar?

If this is not you, I'm willing to bet that at one time or another it was you, or at the very least it's describing someone you know. Fast forward a few months and the picture isn't quite so positive, energetic or even committed any longer. So, how is it that someone so excited and motivated to do something good for their health – to look and feel younger, stronger, lose weight and be more energetic – abandons the entire idea two to three months later feeling like a failure? The answer is simple, diets do NOT set you up for success.

Statistics show that people looking to lose weight and improve their health purchase a new diet book or try a new program every 90 day. Further stats report that less than one percent of all people who try dieting can maintain them for life. Shocking, I know. But it's also good news because it means that despite what you may think or how you feel when you try these diets, you are not failing, the diet is failing you. Diets impose unrealistic expectations and restrictions required for success. Dieters also end up living in a constant state of deprivation. They typically get off to a great start losing weight right away, which is the draw to start a diet in the first place. But then when the pressure, hunger pangs, irritability, lack of focus and concentration becomes too much, old habits begin to creep back in and all the weight that was lost, now starts coming back. Many people actually end up gaining even more weight back just because of the sheer guilt and shame they feel for “failing” and not reaching their goal yet again. Now that you know that it's the diet that is failing you and not the other way around, 2019 can really and truly be the last year you make a New Year's resolution around weight loss. Sound good?

For many of you who follow my column, thanks for sticking with me here because I know I'm preaching to the choir. You're already living the program and loving your life. For those who have no idea where to go or what to do now that we have established diets will only give you temporary results, make you feel badly about yourself, and leave you worse off than when you started, let me help. Adopting a lifestyle that embraces healthy changes based on science and works with the way our bodies were created to metabolize food, will allow you not only to achieve your health and weight loss goals, but to maintain them for life. Whether you jump in with both feet or test the waters by making gradual changes over time, ditching the idea that only perfection yields results and staying consistent will guarantee to get you where you want to be.

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