There's always something new trending in health. 

Health, wellness and fitness are always evolving and as such, there seems to be new trends in each of these areas every year. As you can well imagine, these categories are all multi-faceted, and therefore come with loads of opportunities for change and trends. Let's look at a few that I have noticed.

Two things caught my attention in and around fitness. The first was that trainers and gyms are shifting to offer shorter workout classes around the 30 mins mark. Strictly cardio or strictly weight training sessions are being swapped out for multi-faceted classes and workouts designed to help you get the best workout with maximum gains in the shortest amount of time and at the same time reducing the chances of injury that come from over-training. For those of us who prefer a longer workout and find it helpful for reducing stress, be mindful to limit high intensity to alternate days and when it comes to weights, switch up the areas of the body so you're not working the same muscles two days in a row. Second, I'm happy to see stretching is back in focus and trending. Often classes like bootcamps or cross-fit type workouts seemed to be lacking in including stretching, opting to leave it up to the participant to do on his/her own. In theory this worked, however the reality of it is that when we finish a workout and leave to go on about our day, mentally we are finished everything and very few people would remember to do it later in the day. Stretching is important to maintain flexibility, balance, and prevent injury and I'm glad to see it coming back both in full classes and included in workouts.

Food – what to eat, what not to eat - is always a hot topic and this year swapping seems to be at the top of the trend. I have been coaching clients this way for years and personally love the fact that creating better health by making better food choices doesn't have to mean giving up your favourite foods. Dairy is often something people remove from their diets due to bloating, allergies and digestive issues, which has given rise to substitutes like coconut, almond and most recently, oat milk. Oat milk is trending now in coffee shops and for those who would like a creamier substitute, this may just be for you. Bear in mind for those who are Celiac or have gluten intolerances/sensitivities, ask your barista to check and see if the product has been made in a gluten free facility to avoid unnecessary reactions.

Dairy-free ice cream and desserts also popped up and something we have been doing in my house for years already. Using foods like frozen banana for an ice cream base, avocado for puddings and mousse, and frozen papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew as a base for sorbet makes a tasty treat that you really don't even have to add sugar to.

Swapping out processed carbohydrates for veggies started a few years ago (remember zucchini noodles?) with cabbage now on the list. Using cooked cabbage leaves in enchiladas and cabbage sliced into ribbons baked with coconut oil to make a delicious broad noodle pasta are just two easy and tasty examples.

Supplements will always have a place in the spotlight when it comes to trends, and CBD, adaptogens/functional beverages and anything stem cell related are at the top of the list. CBD is derived from the cannabis or hemp plant and is rich in antioxidants which can help lower inflammation, relieve pain, improve focus, concentration and help relieve anxiety. Adaptogens, or functional beverages, are supplements to help your body regulate and adapt to needs on a day to day basis. Antioxidant gel packs, collagen, herbs, roots, etc., all fit into this category. Stem cells and products that encourage our bodies to produce more of its own stem cells – yes this is a real thing – are very popular in the scientific communities, as well as celebrities and those who are researching and making conscious efforts to reverse disease, slow down aging, or simply increase the level of their health. Stem cells are what our body calls on when we have something that needs to be healed. They help to repair DNA and lengthen telomeres – the long strands at the end of the DNA ladder. As we age, we have fewer stem cells to call upon, and, depending on how we have protected or abused our bodies, we may have even fewer still. I personally do take a multi-vitamin supplement that includes stem-cell on a daily basis to ensure I have enough of what my body needs everyday.

So there you have it, some of the top trends in health, wellness and fitness for 2019. If you're looking to begin a trend towards healthy weight loss, reversing disease, increasing energy and just general overall good health, you're invited to send your questions to [email protected] and get started today!  


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