Last thing, last time.

With December more than half over and 2018 coming up rather quickly, I've heard more than just a few people already starting to talk about setting their New Year's resolutions. Even the topic of discussion at my weekly business group addressed personal and professional goals for 2018. And although setting intentions, creating targets and posting goals are all great motivators to help us move forward and succeed, having an action plan in place to back it up is necessary to facilitate that success. Succeeding with your New Year's resolution is no different.

The beginning of a new year always shows a marked increase in the health and wellness industry. The “New Year, New You” idea becomes top of mind once again as those who make January 1 resolutions set out to achieve their goals. More gym memberships are sold, more self-improvement books are read and more diets are started than at any other time of the year. Which is a good thing - unless of course it's the same thing all over again this year. Sound familiar? No need to beat yourself up, you're not the only one.

The percentage of people who actually achieve their New Year's resolutions is a mere eight percent. And fewer than half of those actually manage to maintain their results for longer than six months. Hence last year's resolution is drug out, dusted off and determinedly made once again with the hope this time it will work. Seems a little crazy wouldn't you agree? I mean the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. No one plans to fail, but clearly many are failing to plan. Making a health, fitness or weight loss resolution without a program for success is tantamount to throwing jello at the wall and hoping it sticks. Some will stick, much of it won't. Most of it just ends up going in directions you never intended, making a mess and causing frustration. So how do you get the results you want - and keep them - without wanting to throw in the towel? Ensure you have these three key elements in place before you begin.

First and most important when dealing with health is to make sure an follow a program, not a diet. It should be based on science, create balance and work with the way our bodies are designed to metabolize food, rather than rely on restrictions and/or deprivation to get results. It should make sense – ...“do I understand why I'm doing this?” - and it should be something you can see yourself and your family doing for life. Realistically, if you wouldn't let your kids do it and you can't see yourself doing it for life, save yourself the time, money and feelings of guilt and failure that show up when you find yourself unable to stick to it.

The second very important thing is a community of support. The phrase “It takes a village....” isn't just for raising children. Some people are fortunate to have a supportive spouse and family or friend(s) to join in with them, but for many this is not the case. Joining a program that offers provides a cheering squad and accountability partners keeps you going when the naysayers offer their opinions or when “life happens” when we least expect it.

Lastly, products and supplements are a real part of a healthy lifestyle. Diets will require you to use certain products in order to have any success at all. Programs will recommend quality, balanced products that are designed to fill the gaps when you're unable to get in a real food meal and supplements that work with the body's systems to detoxify and allow for better overall health. Make sure your program offers a quality line of supplements and products designed to support and enhance your overall program experience as well as your results.

So this January as you set your resolve and get set to make this New Year's health and weight loss resolution, take a moment to reflect. If you're dusting off last year's resolution, gritting your teeth and hoping for the best, stop. It's time to make 2018 your last New Year's weight loss resolution, ever.

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