SO… many want to know my secret for success … here’s my recipe:

Throw together:

• A solid but flexible nutrition plan (PFC every 3)

• A very busy full time job (min 50 hr work week) Wrangling many children and staff can be like herding cats some days and nailing jello to a tree on others, but it’s never boring

• 2 side jobs teaching first aid/CPR & Motorcycle Riding a dash of adrenalin mixed with free therapy

• Tae kwon Do: attend 3 classes a week add extra training for test prep to 3rd Dan and a sprinkle of 4 classes I teach per week

• Volunteer to sit on a board of directors for another non-profit childcare facility

• Meet with Tania to keep me accountable and on track

• Wrangle three very active grandsons ages: 9 mos, 6 yrs and 8 yrs (Run them around Disneyland for a week)

• A slightly left of center sense of humour

Shake … Don’t stir the pot!

This is a no bake recipe but the results:

• Keeps you young

• You’re never bored

• You learn to thrive in organized chaos

• You love change and variety

• You love your quiet time at the end of the day when you can kick back and only have 2 crazy cats to answer to


Plenty of time for that when I’m on the downside of the green.

Note to self: I love that the only thing that is ever perfect in my life is imperfection :o)

Thanks for all the encouragement !!!

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