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Have you ever tried to lose weight only to regain it and more?  Do you diet out of desperation? Are you frustrated, stuck and sick and tired of being sick and tired?  It's time to break the cycle of dieting.  With Tania's proven program based on science and physiology of how our bodies work, you can learn to eat the foods you love, lose the weight and take back control of your health and your life.  Book your assessment with Tania and get started with 8 Weeks is All it Takes today.  Last thing, last time, believe it.

How to Get rid of the Covid 19lbs

We all agree 2020 has been different than any year in recent memory.  A time of pandemic, lockdowns, quarantine, and just sitting at home (literally!) and indulging in comfort food more than any of us would like to admit has resulted in a lot of unwanted extra pounds around the middles of a lot of people. Honoured to share this interview with Jane Smith, founder of The Compassion Project where Tania shares simple tips and strategies to help you lose those Covid pounds and take back control of your health, without dieting. 

For The Health Of It - Podcast

A weekly podcast series aired on Okanagan Valley digital Radio, Tania covers everything from recipes to stem cells. Each episode is packed ful of practical tips and simple strategies that you can begin using immediately and start seeing results in short order.  Also, look for those special guest episodes featuring local and international health professionals speaking on a variety of topics ranging from laser therapy to stem cell technology.

A New Way of Life

Shaw TV report on Nutrition with Sherry Huva and Nutritionist & Fitness coach, Tania Gustafson, in Kelowna BC. Sherry speaks about how balancing her nutrition with advice from Coach Tania has become a way of life for her and her family in their daily lives. Following the system of eating 5 to 7 times a day with balanced meals, Sherry has lost weight, inches and body fat percentage.

8 Weeks is All It Takes Core Challenge

A new weekly series coming to Shaw TV premiering Sunday, August 30, 2015

8 Weeks Core Challenge Episode 1

Meet our Core 4 participants and follow them as they begin their 8 week journey to lose weight and gain better health, all without dieting.

Episode 2, Detox Phase

Detox week(s), phase one, of the program has begun.  Let's hear what our Core 4 participants share about their experiences.

Episode 3, Ignite Phase

Our Core 4 participants move into the Ignite Phase, bringing back grains, exercise and a metabolism burner becoming lean, mean fat-burning machines!

8 Weeks Core Challenge Episode 4

Tania Gustafson talks with celebrity Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, Mark Macdonald on how you can eat the foods you love and lose weight without dieting.

8 Weeks Core Challenge, Episode 5

Find out how stress and sleep can affect your weight loss and over health.

8 Weeks Core Challenge, Episode 6

Find out how to stay on plan and rock your health and weight loss with the MFRK (Mobile Food Readiness Kit).

8 Weeks Core Challenge, Episode 7

All supplements are not created equally! Find out why we need supplements and how to go about choosing the ones that will give you the greatest benefit. 

8 Weeks Core Challenge, Final Episode

8 Weeks results are in!  Check out how well our Core 4 participants did and see how they are positioned and prepared to continue living the program to win and succeed with their health. 

103.9 Juice FM host Kristen Diehl takes the 8 Weeks challenge

Follow along as Tania coaches local radio host Kristen Diehl in the 8 Weeks is All it Takes challenge to achieve her weight loss and health goals. 


Week 2 with Kristen from 103.9 Juice FM

Detox your body, ignite your metabolism and become a lean, mean fat-burning machine!  Check out Kristen's results in just one week.  Join in, do it together and get ready for an amazing transformation.  8 Weeks is All it Takes to truly take back control of your health. 

Week 3 with Kristen on Juice Radio 103.9 FM

Put the scale away!  Success can be measured in so many ways it's not just about the number on the scale. 

Week 7 with Kristen on Juice FM 103.9

Exercise can be a challenge to fit in at the best of times.  Check out Tania's tips and how Kristen has managed to fit her workouts in.

Week 8 with Kristen from Juice FM 103.9

And the results are in!  Down weight, inches and body fat, listen to hear Kristen's amazing numbers and find out why Kristen started the program thinking it was "just for 8 weeks" and how she now plans to continue for the long term. 

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