Comfort food. 

Whether celebrating or commiserating, we all have those go-to foods we reach for at certain times in our lives.  Food plays a huge role in every culture on the planet - birthday, anniversaries, holidays, Sunday dinners, promotions, a birth, a loss, kid-free night for parents, heck, you can even get "pup-cakes" for your pet's birthday!  Let's face it, there's a food for every occasion. While we tend to think "celebration" when we associate an occasion with food, more often than not it's just the opposite. 

People who struggle with losing weight sometimes "crack" and reach for food after depriving themselves for a period of time trying to maintain crazy diets. And despite the feelings of guilt and shame that many experience afterwards, comfort food is still among the top go-to responses when emotions get the best of us. If you're thinking "there must be another way besides food..." there is.  

Over the years, I've recommended a few different things clients can do or use to replace food as their go-to in times of stress.  Get physical - go for a walk, do some housework or yard work, anything that you can do immediately that involves effort and will get your heart rate up will work.  Go to your happy place - read, watch your favourite movie, meet a friend for tea, meditate, again something you can do right away to redirect your thoughts.  Recently though, I had a client (let's call her Donna) who came up with a strategy so great I just had to share. 

Rather than diverting attention away from something that brings comfort, Donna chose something that would not bring feelings of guilt or sabotage her results,  but gave her just as much if not more comfort than food once had.  Donna's answer?  Comfort clothes.  Rather than diving into the foods that she knew would not work well for her in the long run, Donna splurged and purchased things like warm, fluffy socks and cozy, fleece-lined hoodies. Donna said donning the luxuriously soft items was very comforting and relaxing and brought her the same feelings as food did initially, without the aftermath of guilt.  A win/win!  

Bottom line is this.  Everyone needs comfort and support at times and when we find ourselves in those situations feeling alone, vulnerable and on the verge of giving up look around for something that will bring you solace and relaxation now, avoid sabotaging your results in the aftermath and empower you to continue moving towards your goals.

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