This week, I found it especially difficult to decide on a topic.  Not because I had writer's block or couldn't think of any information to share, rather quite the opposite.  As I pulled out my ipad and though about what to type, I found that after the amazing weekend I had just experienced, it was difficult to narrow the field and focus on a singular topic.  Let me share with you why.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have attended an amazing health and wellness convention in Orlando, Florida.  Although there were many other nutritionists, coaches and fitness trainers in attendance, the event was open to anyone looking for ways to improve their health and have a greater quality of life.  Athletes, stay-at-home-moms, corporate executives, grandparents, even a long-distance client of mine from Texas, all came together from across North America with a common purpose; to learn not only how to achieve their own goals, but to gain the knowledge and the tools necessary to help make a difference in the lives of their friends and family members as well. 

Appropriately titled, The MYNT (MY NuTrition) Main Event not only addressed the importance of healthy weight loss through blood sugar stabilization, not dieting, but also focused on how to build and maintain health in all aspects of life; physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.  After all, a truly healthy life requires all areas to be running smoothly, working together and should not be measured solely by pounds on a scale or inches on a measuring tape.

Event attendees were blessed with a jam-packed line up of speakers, including, life coaches, Ken and Jackie Kendall, motivational speaker, Jeff T. Osborne, Community Commerce experts Steve and Gina Merritt and Frank and Cindy Soucinek, nutrition and fitness expert, Mark Macdonald,  combined with comedienne Michelle Herrington and the amazing vocals of singer/song writer Blanca Callahan to name but a few.  The MYNT Main Event ticked all the boxes in providing knowledge, motivation, inspiration and tools not only for success of the health professional, but for the lay person as well. 

Even with all the information provided by the amazing speakers highlighting plans of action, fantastic new products and supplements, programs for support etc., there were two tools I found essential in helping people achieve their goals (weight loss, less stress, successful business, better relationships, etc.).  The first is simply community.

The support of gathering together in a group, large or small, is a very powerful motivator and its effects should never be discounted or take lightly.  Often times when someone is struggling in a particular area of life, being able to meet with others who have experienced similar struggles provides hope.  Or, when we are faced with a challenge or tackling something new, grabbing a partner or rallying a group together makes the task seem far less daunting and a lot more fun. This simple connection is, for many, the difference between moving forward or giving up; between success in achieving their goals or abandoning them altogether. 

The other important factor is understanding your "why", or the reason you're doing what you're doing.  For most people, this is a short-term goal.  What most people fail to realize, is that in every area of life, in order to achieve permanent results, you must have a long term "why" as well.  Let's use weight loss as an example. 

From the stage last weekend, Mark Macdonald advised that over the last few years obesity rates have risen a further 3% in the USA.  Disturbing statistics given that health, nutrition and fitness seem to be on the minds of many these days.  In fact,  people are doing a lot more than just thinking about their health.  With the health and wellness industry on the rise and poised to reach the $1trillion mark by 2017, it's proof people are spending huge sums of money hoping to find something that can help them lose weight, feel better, look younger and have more energy.  So if people are thinking about their health and investing money to help them achieve their goals, why are obesity rates still on the rise? Why is the question, but it's also the answer.

What I have learned in my own life with regards to achieving my goals, was confirmed by almost every speaker at the Main Event; "You need to have a why that makes you cry".  In other words, if your long-term goal, your "why" you want to lose weight is not strong enough to pull you back on track when life happens, the weight lost at the outset of your program will almost always be gained back.   

So, as you think about your life and the different goals and dreams you may have, set your short-term goal and get started.  Then, as you plan for that long-term goal, think carefully and ask yourself "why" achieving your goal is so important.  It may be that you are able to play with your kids again, travel without assistance, or even get off certain medications, but whatever it is, if it brings a lump to your throat, and tugs on your heart strings, that's the one that will allow you the strength and focus to succeed.

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