Finally!  A way to measure our health at a cellular level!  This cutting edge technology, developed by Dr. Werner Gellerman and his team of physicists, is the same technology scientists used to determine what Saturn's rings are made of.  More recently however, this technology, called Reflection Spectroscopy, is being used to measure the antioxidant levels in a person's skin and indicating their health at a cellular level.  This new technology is found in the patented Mona Vie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner.  In as quick as 5 seconds people can have a snapshot of their internal health levels, indicated by a color, or as long as 30 seconds, giving a more detailed scan using a color and a number score.  Knowing your score is the first step to improving and maintaining better health.   Please refer to the link below and read a brief descript of Reflection Spectroscopy in the well-respected scientific journal, The Journal of BioPhotonics.

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