FuelIgniteThrive - New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

The flurry and excitement of Christmas is still fresh in my mind as being a wonderful time of family, food, fun, food, friends, oh and did I say food? ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - Yard Work is a Workout!

Yard Work is a Workout!

One of my clients said to me last week, “Wow, we really have to get back in shape. We were only out in the yard raking for maybe an hour or so a ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - Fall Back Into Fitness

Fall Back Into Fitness

Thanksgiving in Canada has just wrapped up, leaves are turning color and there's that chill in the air now that says Fall is upon us.  Fall m ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - What is Your

What is Your "Why"?

This week, I found it especially difficult to decide on a topic.  Not because I had writer's block or couldn't think of any information t ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - Leave the Jalopy at Home

Leave the Jalopy at Home

For the last several years some of the people most near and dear to me, my parents and my in- laws, have been making their way down south leaving the ...
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FuelIgniteThrive - Back to School, Back to PFC's

Back to School, Back to PFC's

With fall and back to school rapidly approaching, focusing on the kids for another article just seemed to make sense.  Last column touched on jus ...
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