Sep 21, 2022 by Tania Gustafson


Every change you've ever made to try and improve your health and achieve a healthy weight started with a decision.

And each decision came as a result of something that bothered you enough to cause you to want to do something different. Decisions are powerful, or at least they can be when the “what” or the “why” behind that decision comes from the right place.

When it comes to health, and in particular weight loss, it's important to know why you're doing it. If you ask a person why they've decided to start exercising, or lose weight, or eat cleaner, etc., they will likely say something like, “I really just need to fit back into my jeans again...”, or “I've just got to drop 20lbs before my high school reunion..”, or, “We're going on a cruise in a few months, so ya know, bathings suits and all..”, ok well you get the idea. No doubt these are the moments that prompt people to get started and begin seeing results. They are not however, typically the moments that will allow them to keep those results.

Even when there's a catalyst for change with something niggling away, prompting you to make a decision to carry out that change, even when you're starting to see get results, any and all progress you make will be short lived if you have a why that's short-term, rather than one that addresses the bigger picture. Simply put, a why that's ego based rather than one that comes from your heart doesn't much in the long run. Becoming frustrated with your weight and telling yourself you're going to get rid of the extra pounds and fit back into those favourite jeans by Christmas isn't enough. Oh you'll get some results for sure as long as you make changes. Remember, anyone can lose weight. Ask a dieter, they've done it several times over. But how you keep it off is the much larger and more important question. And it all comes down to the source of your why.

What I've noticed from talking to my clients over the years is that most people decide jump in and start focusing on health and/or weight because of something that all of a sudden became urgent to them, like the examples above. Simply put, their reasons for diving in are based solely on the way they see themselves in the mirror. It's purely ego driven. Just to be clear, I'm not saying you've got a massive ego if you've ever wanted to look better in a bathing suit, likely most of us wanted that at one time or another, but rather to say that those reasons come from a superficial place. They're only seeing the short-term. And when that short-term ends, without something long-term to back it up and lead you to continue on, it's very easy to let all those good habits you just started living with, fall by the wayside.

To have success, true success where you can achieve your health and weight goals and keep them for life, your, “why-am-I-doing-this” must come from the heart. Hearing, “I saw my mom yo-yo diet for years and I don't want to live like that. I want my kids to have a healthy relationship with food.”, or, “My dad is just not healthy and I'm scared of what might happen to him. I can't put my family through that....”, or, “I never want to feel 'too old” to travel and explore how and where I want to. I've only got one body and I need to take care of it.” Powerful because it comes from the heart.

And just to be clear, that ego why that got you started, that's ok. I'm all for whatever motivates you to get started on your health journey, it's all good. Thinking it's enough without going deeper and really asking yourself, 'Why am I doing this?”, is a huge mistake.

Having an approach to follow that focuses on health and not dieting definitely helps steer you in the right direction. But the clincher, the thing that seals the deal and will allow you to achieve your goals and keep all those great results you worked so hard for, is a why that comes from your heart.

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