Oct 20, 2022 by Tania Gustafson


The majority of people who come to me for nutritional advice, say one of two things, they think they eat pretty healthy and they know what to do they're just not doing it.

First off, just because we know, doesn't automatically mean we will do. Our thoughts dictate our actions and often times the people I work with are so beat down and discouraged because of the number of disappointing diet experiences, they begin to buy into the lie that they will never be able to reach their health goals. Secondly, there is a marked difference between eating healthy and eating balanced. You can absolutely make healthy food choices, but if you don't know how to eat them correctly, in the right combinations, in the right portions, and in the right frequencies, even healthy food can spike your blood sugar and cause your body to store fat.

If you've been following me for any length of time you will surely have seen something about the importance of blood sugar stabilization. Balanced blood sugar is super important. So important in fact that it's the way our bodies were created to function. Newborn babies are checked to make sure blood sugar levels are stable before leaving the hospital. Babies maintain that stability naturally by often. Anyone who has children knows that a baby or small child is hungry as soon as they wake up. Babies get breastmilk or formula, which is a perfect balance of a protein, fat and carb together to stabilize blood sugar. Not much changes as they grow either. Once kids start eating solid food, heaven forbid you should leave the house with a small child in tow and not bring a snack, am I right? That's their blood sugar dropping, they get hangry and start bugging you for a snack. That same process happens in our adult bodies, but in our busy world and with all those diets in the back of our minds saying “don't eat that” or even “don't eat” if you want to get that weight off, we suck it and ignore those signals to eat.

Our bodies haven't changed much from when we were babies in the way we take in and metabolize food, we just got to be a bigger human. And, the bigger we got, the crazier our eating habits seems to become. No fat, cut out carbs, count calories, don't eat in the evening, don't eat in the morning, eat three meals per day and no snacking, eat 5 meals per day and yes have snack.. the constant barrage of information overload of, quite frankly, bad information has the majority of our population either on a diet roller coaster they can't seem to get off of, or so confused they do nothing. How's that working for you? I'll venture it's safe to say, it's not. Almost almost 30 percent of adults in Canada are obese and over 31 percent (the most recent data I could find for children was for 2012/2013) of children ages 12 to 17 are obese. Clearly diets aren't working and certainly doing nothing doesn't work, but what does work is blood sugar stabilization.

Blood sugar stabilization works for “every” body. It's the way we entered this world, and the sooner we get back to it, the sooner we'll see things start to change. But diet's don't teach you that because the dieting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. And if you found something that worked for you, your spouse, your kids, anywhere and in any situation, you'd never go back to dieting. And that would not be good for their bottom line.

Rather than depriving yourself, restricting foods, counting calories, or eliminating entire food groups, why not learn to eat the foods you love in a way that creates hormonal balance, stabilizes blood sugar, fires up metabolism, and puts your body in a place where it naturally releases stored fat, protects lean muscle, increases energy and gets rid of cravings? You'll create a healthy inflammatory response – inflammation is the root cause of all disease by the way - lower your risk of metabolic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease and stroke, and you'll create health in your body as your body naturally releases the weight.

It's simple really. Eating foods in the right combinations, in the correct portions in the right frequencies throughout the day will do all of that. One thing to remember, it's not a diet. Which means that results typically won't happen overnight. But they will happen, and in a healthful way. Wherever you are in your health journey, it didn't happen overnight, and reversing those effects may take some time. How much time usually depends on how long your body has been living in a deprived state, and out of balance. What I do know though, is that it's less about your age, and more about the length of time you've been doing/not doing the things that serve your health and your body.

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