Easy Truffles

With just 3 main ingredients and no baking required, you'll have time to make a batch of delicious chocolatey goodness for your family and one to share over the holidays!  

Zen Popsicles

Cool summer sweet treats that beat the heat and keep you on plan and burning fat!  Chocolate fudgesicles or tropical popsicles are easy to make, taste delicious and PFC balanced so counting calories isn't necessary.  Keep the kids away from the ice cream truck and parents keep your waistlines intact this summer with Zen Popsicles!

Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes

YES!  You can have chocolate and lose weight!  Deliciously PFC balanced to keep you fuelled and burning fat while satisfying those tastebuds.  Make up a batch today!

Chicken Vegetable Curry

Another easy, delicious FIT Food created to satisfy your tastebuds and help blast the fat. For more balanced recipes, please see the "books" section on this website. 

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