8 Weeks is All it Takes! 

Lose weight without dieting and take back control of your health

You've thought about it, struggled with it, now it's time to commit to losing it.  Why weight any longer?  

"8 Weeks Is All It Takes!" led by nutritionist and fitness expert, Tania Gustafson, is the only program of its kind that combines a safe, all natural detox phase to cleanse and restart the body, ignite phase to boost the metabolism and drop those extra pounds, and a thrive phase that provides the education needed to maintain results and love living your life. 

Through her partnership with world renown celebrity nutritionist and fitness expert and two-time New York Times best selling author, Mark Macdonald, Tania is one of only five health professionals licensed and certified to deliver this proven program in Canada and help lead the movement to end the dieting madness.  Check out local radio personality, Kristen Diehl's success with Tania on 103.9 FM the Juice  and follow four locals on their 8 Weeks journey presented in a series aired weekly on Shaw TV 

You are invited to join the 8 Weeks Is All It Takes group on Facebook and journey with a community of people just like you who are working towards achieving their weight loss, health and fitness goals. If you're ready to stop dieting and start living, don't weight! Book your complimentary health assessment and get started on a program today! 

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