Tania Gustafson, (IBNFC)
Nutritionist and Fitness Coach 

Kelowna Nutritionist, Tania Gustafson, has been active in the health and fitness industry since 1986 when she entered as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Alongside fitness, Tania also spent many years working in education and special needs primarily in Autism. As a mother of three, Tania has always known the importance of nutrition but it wasn't until her youngest was diagnosed with a blocked colon around the age of two that she took a deep dive into the way different foods and ingredients affected the body. 

Fast forward to fall 2011 Tania partnered with internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert, Mark Macdonald, and founded FIT Nutrition in 2012. In Spring of 2017 Tania officially earned the title of Master Nutrition Coach through Venice Nutrition's International Board of Nutrition & Fitness Coaches (IBNFC). Currently, Tania is one of only five health professionals licensed and certified in Canada to deliver this proven program of blood sugar stabilization. 

Tania is committed to ending the dieting madness and educating people around the world their best health at any age. When you join FIT Nutrition and become a FIT Lifer you have the education, tools and strategies, together with a global community of support that sets you up to achieve and keep those health and weight goals you've been striving for. Forever.  Love your body, live with food freedom and take back control of your health, without dieting.

Having lived and successfully coached these principles for over a decade, Tania is highly sought after. In addition to personal and group coaching, Tania facilitates workshops and speaks to busy executives on how improving physical health affects and improves their ROI. 

Whether you're looking to lose weight, crush menopause symptoms, recover from injury, reverse disease, reduce auto-immune challenges, bring down high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, or simply want to make healthier changes to enhance your daily life, Tania has the approach that will work for you. Why weight? If you're ready to stop dieting and start living, book your free consult today.  Because you're worth it.



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