Tania Gustafson, Nutritionist and Fitness Coach (IBNFC)

Kelowna Nutritionist, Tania Gustafson, has been active in the health and fitness industry since 1986. Fall 2011 Tania partnered with internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert, Mark Macdonald, and founded her FIT Nutrition company in 2012. In Spring of 2017 Tania officially earned the title of Master Nutrition Coach through Venice Nutrition and the International Board of Nutrition & Fitness Coaches (IBNFC). Currently, Tania is one of only five health professionals licensed and certified in Canada to deliver this proven program of blood sugar stabilization, not dieting.  In addition to her education, Tania has also witnessed firsthand within her own family the role that food plays in the level of health we are either able to enjoy or suffer with and brings this knowledge, along with practical solutions, to her clients.

Tania is committed to ending the dieting madness and educating people around the world on how to live their best health at any age. Summer of 2021, Tania and FIT Nutrition together with Mark, and a handful of health pros around the world joined forces in partnering with Kyäni, a global leader in performance supplements. Nitro Nutrition and Nitro Nation officially launched August 14, 2021. Nitro provides support, education and proven coaching systems to health pros, allowing them to better serve their clients and scale their businesses. When you join FIT Nutrition and live the Nitro program, you will have the education, and tools, together with a global community of support that sets you up to truly win with your health.  Love your body, love your food and take back control of your health without dieting.

Health pros, when you become partners and use the systems we have created, you will be better equipped to help even more of your clients optimized their health and achieve their weight goals without dieting.

Having lived and successfully coached these principles for over a decade, Tania is highly sought after. In addition to personal and group coaching locally, nationally and internationally, Tania facilitates workshops and speaks to busy executives on how improving physical health affects and improves their ROI. 

You're invited to tune in to Tania's podcast, Live FITwhere you'll get practical tips and takeaways you can use right away to get results. Also check out Tania's long-running columns, For the Health of It  in The Kelowna Daily Courier, and, FIT Talk With Tania on Castanet. Tania has also contributed several quarterly columns to Okanagan Woman Magazine .

Whether you're looking to lose weight, crush menopause symptoms, recover from injury, reverse disease, reduce auto-immune challenges, bring down high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, elevate your game or create/refine a look for competition, or simply want to make healthier changes to enhance your daily life, living the FIT life is key. Through patience and personalization, Tania will work with you to create a program that works for your life and is aligned with your personal goals.

Whether your goal is to lose 5 lbs or 75 lbs, build lean muscle, or increase energy, learning how to stabilize your blood sugar is key and Tania has the program for you. Why weight? Book your health assessment today  Stop dieting and start living. Because you're worth it.

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