blog Mar 13, 2020


Although I can still see some snow on the mountains when I look out my living room window, the buds on the trees and bulbs poking up through the ground are welcome signs of spring. And the overflowing yard waste bins that lined my cul-de-sac this week emphasized how many are happy to finally get outside and enjoy the longer, warmer days, even if it is for spring cleaning. In addition to cleaning up the yard and decluttering closets, spring is the perfect time to also clean out our bodies.

As the temperature climbs and we start to shed the layers of heavy winter clothing, some may find they have put on a layer not so easily removed, one that can no longer be concealed by bulky sweaters or parkas. And so begins the annual quest to get back that summer body.

For many, the putting on and taking off the extra layer that accumulates each winter is a normal, yearly occurrence. And when we're talking just a few pounds, the situation we find ourselves in amounts to little more than an annoyance. For others however, the adding of a few extra pounds each year has become cumulative and only when the extra weight becomes problematic – either practically when clothes don't fit, medically when the doctor strongly recommends shedding some weight, or disliking what we see when we look in the mirror – do we take action. But, “Where do I start?” you ask? Regardless of which scenario you identify with, the plan to get started, get results and maintain them through all seasons is the same.

Through my own personal experience and supported by clients' results, I can say without a doubt the fastest way to lose that bloat, shed extra weight and start feeling energized, is by detoxing and cleansing. Essentially, it's spring cleaning for your body. The colon, liver and kidneys are our bodies' filtration system. Much like the oil filter in your car prevents dirt and foreign bits from damaging your car's engine, your colon, liver and kidneys filters out the toxins and waste, keeping it from getting into the rest of the body. Your car performs better and will run longer with regular maintenance. Same goes for your body. Allowing toxins and waste to collect not only makes you feel sluggish, bloated and have low energy, it also weakens your immune system. Time to flush it out.

When deciding on a detox and/or cleanse, make sure there is a sensible program around food to go with the supplements you are taking. Eliminating all food items and drinking some sort of nasty concoction for days on end is not healthy. Nor will it provide long-term results. However, eliminating things that cause the body to retain bloat and waste, eating lean, clean and balanced, and flushing with lots of water and natural, plant-derived supplements, will. Not only will these steps effectively detoxify the liver and kidneys, you'll also cleanse and flush out that three to 10 pounds of waste you're likely carrying around in your colons. Ew, I know, right? Eliminating the toxic waste and eating clean, balanced foods will also support and boost your immune system. And who doesn't want that? Especially in light of what's currently been happening around the world.

Of course the obvious benefits of eating balanced foods while detoxing are, loss of bloat and weight, zero hunger pangs, balanced moods and more energy. Detoxing and cleansing is work for our bodies so exercise, with the exception of light walking or yoga, should be cut for the week of detox. I say a week as that is a good length of time to see and feel measurable results. Smokers, those who drink more than four alcoholic drinks per week and/or those who have greater than 50lbs to lose, I recommended doing a two-week detox in order to receive the full benefits.

During and following a detox and cleanse, continuing to eat clean foods in a way that allows the body to remain in homeostasis (balanced) is critical to maintaining your results and keeping those filters from clogging up. It's important to remember to eat in threes. Remembering to eat a protein, fat and unprocessed carb together every three to four hours throughout the day (PFCs every 3) keeps blood sugar stabilized, balances hormones, keeps metabolism turned on, releases stored fat, protects muscle, increases energy and health happens. Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

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