blog Mar 11, 2021


Just like your car that drives you around town, your body is your vehicle that drives you through life.” I've said that a lot. And while I love that analogy when talking about overall health, when referring to the different specific body types, a bicycle is a much better comparison. Ride along with me for a bit and you'll see what I mean.


Although women tend to be the most vocal when it comes to talking – or should I say complaining - about their specific body type, men are still quietly concerned here too. Regardless whether you're a man or a woman, young, or a little more mature than you used to be, all of us at one time or another has likely commented on body type. Our own, and/or someone else's. “I just look at food and gain weight!” or “It's so not fair. She can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight” or “We both workout hard, why is he getting all the gains?” Sound familiar?


Genetics does play a small role, but that doesn't mean you can't get results and feel good in the body you have. There are three body types, ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorph is that person who most refer to as naturally thin. They typically have difficulty gaining weight and can, literally eat whatever they want and not have to worry about the extra pounds. At least for the first few decades of their lives. The endomorph is just the opposite. These are the guys and gals who, to their chagrin, seem to gain weight without even trying. And who have to work a little harder than most to lose, or maintain weight. And then there are those who fall right in the middle. The mesomorphs. Someone who can gain or lose weight more evenly rather than the extremes. So where does the bicycle come in? Glad you asked.


There are three popular types of bicycles out there, road bikes, cruiser bikes and mountain bikes. A road bike is streamlined and made for speed. When you see someone going down the highway on a road bike, they are moving. Their goal is to get from point A to B quickly. You've probably guessed by now this is the ectomorph. Should an ectomorph want to lose a few pounds or refine health, fitness and weight goals, their body responds and they see results in short order. Cruiser bikes made a comeback a few years ago. A larger frame, bigger tires, and only one speed. And it's not fast. A description that also describes the endomorphs. Losing weight for the endomorphs is a much slower process. And not to forget the mountain bikes. Larger tires closer to the cruiser style, but the ability to shift gears and change speed like the road bike. The best of both.


Picture this. You have someone on a road bike, someone on a cruiser bike and someone on a mountain bike all in a race together. The person on the road bike would win by a mile. They're just designed for speed. The person on the mountain bike would come in next – could be a close or a distant second as there's possibility for both. The person on the cruiser would be bringing up the rear. Slow and steady, perhaps a few sightseeing breaks along the way, but eventually that cruiser would cross the finish line.


Likely after reading these different descriptions and the bike analogies, you know which “bike” you are. And therefore which body type as well. The point of this analogy was to encourage those of you who might be wondering, “What's wrong with me?”, just because you haven't been able to get results in the same way you see others. Now you know. We're all different. We say it all the time to other people for a multitude of reasons. But for some reason when it comes to weight loss, we really need someone to tell us. So I'm telling you.


Wherever you are with your health, wellness and weight loss, and regardless of your body type, you can reach your goals. It may not be fast. You may not be the first in your circle of friends to hit those goals. But just like the cruiser bike, if you just keep pedalling along, you will cross that finish line. And really, that's all that matters.


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